Company profile

Company profile

DAIO PAPER CONVERTING CO.,LTD. counts from the paraffin-paper manufacture in 1929, and has the history of 80-odd years. We appreciate history by today of our company with what was built by development of industrial world which is just client. Now which saw the 21st century, environmental preservation and various subjects called strengthening of global competitiveness are born by the industrial world, and the situation of surrounding each company is always changing. We don't be satisfied with clear performance up to now and reliance, strives for production of products and technical development which contribute to client's further leap, and following these 21 centuries with you is continued steadily.

Corporate outline

Trade name
April 2, Showa 27 (foundation October, Showa 4)
Representative director president Yoshihiro Uenishi
The number of employees
139 persons (114 boys, as of 25 women DEC.31.2011)
100 millions yen (authorized capital of 400 million yen)
Yearly turnover
6,600 million yen (as of September, 2011)
The head office and Central Research Laboratory
Head office
Tokyo office
Hyogo factory
Associated company
Kyushu Daio Sikou, Inc.
795-2, Nose, Takatamachi, Miyama-shi, Fukuoka-ken
 [Kyushu Daio Sikou, Inc. ]
Fuji techno Co., Ltd.
861-3, Umamitaira, Yamamiya, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka-ken
Business purpose
Business purpose
1 : Paper product
2 : Macromolecule substance
3 : Manufacture of unregulated drug
Manufacturing item (Note) Blue charactersare a patent and a utility model article.
Industrial labeling and packaging materials
Masking<surface protection material>( DMF-film type, PET-film, FM-self-adhesion type, DM-pressure-sensitive type, Re-moisture type ), Cranet paper (measure paper containing thread ), Creped paper, Wrapping paper (tire, line rolled letter paper)), Preservation paper, Tarpaulin paper, Paraffin paper, Laminated paper, Moisture-proof paper, Love earth
For health prevention of pollution
DC-MAT (protection against dust and clean mat), Holmask (formalin absorbent paper) , MICREX(Detailed crepe), Insect control paper, Ant-prevention paper

Privacy Policy

1. About the handling of personal information

(a) Collection of personal information
Our company will collect the personal information on the required range, after specifying the collection purpose, the use range, etc., when allowed to collect personal information from a client.

(b) Use of personal information
The personal information which our company kept for the client is used within limits required for achievement for the purpose of use. Moreover, our company may entrust the handling of personal information to the commission place of between group companies or the exterior for supply of better service on a client. In commission, the commission place which deals with personal information appropriately is selected, a required matter is fixed that it can carry out suitable management at a commission place, and it strives for a client's protection of personal information.

(c) Supply of personal information
Our company does not perform supply of a client's personal information without a client's consent to a third party. However, it is not this limitation when are based on a statute and there is the necessity for protection of the life and property of people, and cooperation with public institutions, such as a police court, is required.

(d) An indication, correction, etc. of personal information
Our company performs suitable correspondence within rational limits, when disclosure of self personal information, correction, an addition, deletion or the stop of use, and the proposal of elimination occur from a client.

2. About the safety control measure of personal information

In order to protect from unlawful access to personal information, loss of personal information, an alteration, disclosure, etc. and to secure accuracy and safety, our company improves governing structure and implements suitable safety measures.

3. About observance of the norm of the statute about personal information, and others

Our company acts based on an internal rule while observing the norm of the statute about personal information including the Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs, and others about the handling of personal information. Moreover, education and education are carried out to a worker.

4. The continuous improvement of protection-of-personal-information governing structure and structure

Our company improves by improving continuously protection-of-personal-information governing structure and structure.

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