Products lineup

In the state satisfactory to the man using it, if we cannot deliver however excellent products to you, either, the value of them is lost. Goods are diversified and the production of optimum labeling and packaging materials for performing physical distribution processes, such as transportation and storage, smoothly serves as important technology it is [ technology ] indispensable for the goods born again now which it continues subdividing. In our company, since foundation, a masking paper, a masking film, the tough paper containing thread, a wrapping paper, etc. and the industrial labeling and packaging materials exceeding 1,000 sorts have been developed and manufactured, and it is answering to the protection needs of the goods in various fields. Moreover, the "Holmask" which removes the formalin contained in the fiber of clothes and building materials, furniture, etc.,Goods patent acquired, such as "DC mat" etc. which demonstrates the protection-against-dust effect in a clean room etc., also exceed 50 affairs, and the goods group and technical development power which are rich in the utility value are continuing evolving from "wrapping" more widely and highly.

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