Protection products

DMF masking film
  • Corresponds to molding, etching, the punch, and bending processing after pasting
  • Correspondence in various variations is possible, including a transparent type useful for the inspection after pasting etc
  • Surface protection, such as the resin version (MMA-PVC-PC-PET) and a metal plate (SUS/AL)
  • Lighting fitting, a car, heating apparatus
  • Electronic parts, an electric appliance, semiconductor parts
  • Label (exaggerated lamination)
PET highly efficient sheet
  • The highly efficient adhesion product group of a polyester film base
  • Transparency, Heat resistance, High intensity
  • The design development from a customer request is possible
  • PET base material protection film
  • Glass splash prevention film
  • Core-less two-sided adhesive tape for optics
  • Highly efficient pressure sensitive adhesive sheet
  • Electronic components / Electric parts / Light element parts
  • Building materials / For general consumers
Masking paper
  • Protection of the surface of the goods at the time of processing and conveyance
  • It is easy to remove and the crack, dirt, and paste back does not remain
  • By double-sided automatic attachment, contributes to laborsaving and cost reduction
  • urface printing which is useful also for advertisement is possible
  • Surface protection, such as the resin version (MMA-PVC-PC-PET) and a melamine coated plywood board
  • A precision instrument, an electric device, a car, building materials, etc
FM masking film
  • Protects the printed lead plate from a crack, dirt, etc
  • The paste remainder, discoloration, etc. have no influence on the goods surface by adhesion
  • Surface protection of resin plate (MMA-PVC-PC-PET)
  • Protection of nameplates (special printed matter, such as a metal lead plate and a resin stereotype), such as an automobile meter board, a touch panel for remote control, an air-conditioner, and a rice cooker
  • Precision instruments, weak electric current, building materials
Care sheet
  • Prevents a crack for outstanding shock resistance and elasticity
  • Prevents dirt with high chemical resistance, oil resistance, and water resistance
  • Decision by a cutter knife and bending processing are also free
  • Care of health of the floor plate in house construction
  • Residence (housing [2x4])
Cold seal paper
  • The pressure-sensitive adhesion which united surfaces is easy
  • It is easy to remove and uses the special adhesives with which the paste back does not remain and in which - re-adhesion is possible
  • Protects from the crack, dirt, etc. by conveyance of autoparts etc
  • Car etc
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