Environment measures

Environment measures

Limited environment, Limited resouces.
As a member of industrial world, considers that we can do,


DAIO PAPER CONVERTING CO.,LTD. In consideration of the environmental side, the Hyogo factory recognizes that an environmental problem is an important problem common to human beings, and works by making "harmony with environment" into a slogan aiming at preservation of earth environment, and the contribution to society.


DAIO PAPER CONVERTING CO.,LTD. Hyogo factory is converted paper and film processing maker who uses protective layer as major product among manufactures of industrial labeling and packaging materials.From factory, uses energy, water, raw material (paper, film), water solution and solvent system undiluted solution, and solvent, and product, industrial waste, waste fluid, incineration thing, exhaust fume, etc. are outputted. It is cautious of such an environmental impact, and in order to perform mono-structure which considered saving resources and environmental preservation for production of affluent society in which nature can live together with people, based on the following policies, carries out corporate activity.

  1. While observing an environmental-related law, regulation, and an industry standard, fixes voluntary standards and an operating procedure and strives for the continuous improvement of an environmental management system.
  2. Aims at prevention of the environmental pollution (atmosphere) by the emissions cut discharged from the organic solvent etc.
  3. Promotes reduction of electric power and fuel gas for global warming prevention.
  4. Promotes reduction of excretions for effective use of resources.
    It strives for reduction of paper, packing scrap wood, and industrial waste and waste fluid especially.
  5. Makes this plan fully understood among all the employees of a company for this environmental plan achievement.
  6. The ordinary persons of this environmental plan are available.

Hyogo factory Factory manager Toshiyuki Tamada

Environment measures