Working of each section

Working of each section

  • Bussiness
    Deskwork and Bussiness talk

    The joint development which suited the visitor's needs wants develops a positive plan proposal type operating activity aiming at an optimum coordination with the technology of our company.Taking advantage of abundant knowledge and know-how about a client's industry and each field, it resembles all demands, such as quality, a price, and delivery time, quickly, and is answering to them finely.

  • Technological development
    Technological development

    The original of our company which has got high reliance on the client since foundation.It strives for always new research and development as the real parent, and material development etc. acquires the patent exceeding 50 affairs from the technology of [coding] indispensable to special processing, [pasting], and [dip and contain].Moreover, taking advantage of the accumulated know-how, joint research with each technology of government and people is also performed.

  • Manufacturing
    Operation rate work

    The products of our company which attain to various uses, such as surface protection, dust, and removal of a toxic substance.It is an existence which now must be from the industry to the life field.In manufacture, the pro of special processing technology is tackling improvement in the further productive capacity through the cooperation with other sections aiming at the more nearly quality and stabilized supply.

  • Manufacturing
    Equipment control

    In order to offer the new result of technical development as goods, the conditions for which production, such as a process design and a facility design, is asked are improved finely.The part is taken to production/production of a quality assurance system rational to all the corners so that the demands of a client, such as high quality by standardization of optimum standard and work, low cost, quick delivery, and a stable supply, can be met certainly.

  • Quality assurance
    Quality assurance
    Quality inspection

    The product which produced the product suitable for the client's needs from original research and development, and was produced with the advanced production facility is dedicated through still severer inspection of quality at a client's hand.